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About Amy

Amy Castle is a Los Angeles native. An only child, she was educated at home by her parents with a curriculum through Laurel Springs School. This customized approach to education gave her the opportunity to develop self-directed interests; planting the seeds for her lifelong love of learning. 


Raised from her high chair watching I Love Lucy, Lamb Chop’s Play Along, and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Amy was witness to great comedic and musical performances from her earliest memories - one in particular (circa 1994) included memorizing Lucille Ball's entire monologue of Vitameatavegamin, rewinding the VHS tape watching it over and over until she had it down pat, then reciting it to her mother in the kitchen of their apartment in Valley Village. Soon after this “performance", Amy’s mother enrolled her in a local performing arts Academy to study acting, dance, and singing.


At age 4, The American National Academy of Performing Arts became Amy's home away from home, and creative outlet. Amy began attending Tuesday afternoon and all-day Saturday classes, including song interpretation, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip-hop, musical comedy, and acting. The acting and tap classes were taught primarily by Cathy Wilkinson and Dorothy Barrett, the school's director and former 1940's MGM contract performer. Dorothy had roles in The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind, and would frequently recount stories from her vibrant life experience. Studying with an embodiment of the golden Hollywood era made a significant impact in Amy's upbringing and career.

Amy booked her first theatrical audition at the age of 8. She recurred as young Calista Flockhart on the hit FOX series “Ally McBeal” from 1998-2000. Over the span of 10 years,  Amy went to hundreds of auditions, driven to each by her mother, meeting top television casting directors and producers. Additional screen credits include Providence (NBC), The Norm Show (ABC), Lizzie McGuire (Disney Channel), Oliver Beene (FOX), Malcolm In The Middle (FOX), Summerland (WB), Passions (NBC/DIRECTV), General Hospital (ABC), The Defenders (CBS), and Impress Me (Pop TV). View Amy's IMDB resume here.


Amy won a 2002 Young Artist Award - 

"Best Performance in a TV Series/Comedy - Guest Starring Young Actress” for her role as "Andie" in Lizzie McGuire. This episode was filmed September 10th-14th 2001 and was one of the only shows to continue production on 9/11/01.

Growing up in a healthy household with a personal trainer mother, Amy was immersed in the world of natural products from day one. Raised on organic, wheat and dairy free foods, she learned at an early age that what you put into your body reflects how you feel, and how you live your life. As she got older, she was finding herself leisurely browsing grocery store aisles and fascinated by nutrition labels. Always on the hunt for something good for you as well as your taste buds. At the same time, she was becoming the go-to girl in her friend circle for the lo-down on restaurants in the LA area, as well as what to make at home. Amy quickly realized that she could combine her talents in front of the camera with her passion for healthy eating, and voila! “What’s Amy Eating?” popped out of the mental oven. She has written, directed, produced, and edited over 200 episodes of her "What’s Amy Eating?” infotainment format. View Amy's YouTube channel here.

At home, Amy grew up with music all around. Both of her parents writing and recording songs in their home recording studio. Her mother Judianna was inspired to write a children’s album entitled BALLOONS, which her father Buddy produced and recorded as the album's artist. They collaborated with Dick Williams in the writing and arrangement of the new original songs. Of the eleven tracks on the album, three year old Amy sang one herself – a 43 second recording that has now exploded into the viral phenomenon known as “The Cuppycake Song.” Amy’s dad uploaded the album to the family’s website in 1996, and soon after, The Cuppycake Song was making its rounds on the early days of the world wide web. The track quickly racked up 1 million audio plays on a third party website, far before the modern viral platforms of YouTube and TikTok. Fast forward 27 years later, and The Cuppycake song is now playing in over 2.9 million videos on TikTok, with millions of worldwide plays of Amy’s voice every single day. 

In July 2021, Amy re-recorded and released a new full length version of "The Cuppycake Song.” She also edited the accompanying music video, featuring home footage from her childhood. 

In September 2022, she released a new version of "Remember I'll Always Love You." It is now streaming on all platforms. 


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