What’s Amy Eating?

The inception of What’s Amy Eating goes allll the way back to 2010 when I was eating at my favorite restaurant. At that time, I had just come off of a soap opera, and was wanting to have a project that was 100% mine. Something that didn’t rely on a casting director or producer to give me that yes.

As I sat at that corner window table munching away on a cuban sandwich, I began to ponder my strengths and likes. I’d enjoyed creating videos on YouTube in the past, but I wanted something more thematic than just random sketches here and there. Something to tie it all together, something I was passionate about that could also give me a platform to inform and inspire other people, and a way I could eat while doing so!

“Aha! A food show!” I proclaimed mid-bite. It was perfect! I had grown up with my super health conscious personal trainer mom who taught me the essentials for healthy eating while still making it taste good. I had lived this! Why not make a show out of it?! I already had the YouTube channel with a built in audience. Since I had already taken on the honorary role of foodie amongst my friends and had become the go-to gal to ask about healthy restaurants, I’d start with a show on just that! But hmmm…I’d need a catchy title. Something to pique the curiosity of everyone that heard it. What could it be?

“What’s Amy Eating?”

And it was born.

Since my original concept for the show, it has grown to include healthy product reviews, and most recently, cooking videos. My goal is to give you guys zero excuses when it comes to healthy eating! Whether it’s from a restaurant, the market, or made at home, I want to create “aha!” moments in all of you. For you to realize just how simple, delicious and affordable it can be to eat well when you put a little thought, time and creativity into it. (Hint: all it takes is goat cheese.) I am so honored that you have been following me on this journey on my YouTube channel, and I can’t wait to see what new culinary adventures lay ahead for us.

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